Payment conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Payments via Internet

Please read these General Terms and Conditions of Payments via Internet before beginning of use of any payment services (hereinafter: the service) via web pages: and all of its subdomains (such as,hereinafter: Pages) (provider of the service is the company STEMI d.o.o. with registered seat in the Republic of Croatia, Rijeka, Radmile Matejčić 10, OIB: 91713184849, ("STEMI ")). Should you have any questions or uncertainties regarding conditions of use, please contact us at the e-mail address: info[at]

Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions of Payments via the Internet

1. By using the service through Pages, you accept these General Terms and Conditions of Payments via Internet (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions). In case you do not agree with the above mentioned, please do not use the given service.

2. To all matters not specifically regulated by this General Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions of using Web pages and Internet Trade Service which is available here apply.

Changes to General Terms and Conditions

3. STEMI reserves the right to make amendments or addendums to this General Terms and Conditions at any time and such amendments enter into force on the day of their publication on the Pages. By continuing to use the service it shall be considered you agree to such amended General Terms and Conditions. STEMI recommends you to examine these General Terms and Conditions periodically in order to become acquainted with possible changes of the same.

Payment Methods

4. STEMI provides the following payment methods of products and services:

    • payment via the Internet – payment via  CorvusPay system  by using credit and debit cards stipulated in item 5 of these General Terms and Conditions;
    • bank transfer payment.

    Payment via the Internet by Banker Cards

    5. Products and services can be paid by using one of the following cards:

    • Mastercard credit card
    • Visa credit and debit card
    • Maestro debit card
    • American Express credit card.

    6. The purchase process is conducted in the following manner:

    • place products/services in the cart by selecting «Add to cart»
    • correct your order if necessary and click on «Checkout»
    • insert customer information and click on «Continue to shipping method»
    • select the shipping method and click on «Continue to payment method»
    • select payment method, billing address and click on «Complete order»
    • by selecting «pay» the purchase is concluded
    • wait for your delivery.

    Bank Transfer Payment

    7. Payment by performing payment to the bank account of STEMI, pursuant to the proposal you will receive via electronic mail after submitting the order, and which will include all the necessary data for payment and delivery of a product.

    Protection of Your Data

    8. In order to acquire a right to payment via Internet, it is necessary, at the time of the purchase process, to give certain personal data and the data on the bank card and collection of such personal data is a subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection which are available here.

    9. Upon payment, at our Web page, you are using the CorvusPay-advanced system for safe reception of payment cards via the Internet. CorvusPay provides complete confidentiality of your card information ever since the moment you enter them into the CorvusPay payment form. Payment data are transferred in the encrypted form to your web browser to the bank which issued your card. STEMI never comes into contact with complete information on your payment card. Furthermore, data is unavailable even to the employees of the CorvusPay system. Isolated core transfers and manages sensitive data independently keeping them completely safe from threat. The form for entry of payment data is secured by SSL transport code of highest reliability. All stored data are additionally protected by encrypting, using cryptography device certified according to the FIPS 140-2 Level3 standard. CorvusPay complies with all requirements regarding safety of online payment prescribed by leading card brands, i.e. operates in accordance with standards-PCI DSS Level1- highest security standard of payment cards industry. Upon payment by cards included in a 3-D Secure program, your bank, among validity of the card itself, additionally, confirms your identity by token or password. Corvus Info considers all collected data as banking secrecy and treats them in accordance with that. Information is used expressly for intended purposes. Your sensitive data are completely safe and their confidentiality is guaranteed by the most modern security mechanisms. Only data necessary to perform the operation are collected pursuant to the prescribed demanding procedures for the online payment. Security controls and procedures applied to our infrastructure provide current reliability of CorvusPay system. Additionally, by maintaining strict control of access, regular security monitoring and in-depth checks for prevention of network vulnerability and systematic conduction of information, security provisions permanently maintain and advance security level of the system by protecting your card data.

    10. In order to make the protection of your data more complete, confidential information about cards (the number of a card, validity date, and CVV code) you have stated are not stored on the server.Transaction by your card is managed by

    11. Transaction by your card is managed by the third party (Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.)  which receives the credit card number and other personal data exclusively for identification and authorization of the transaction. STEMI is not responsible in case of unauthorized use of your personal data and/or credit card number.


    12. All complaints can also be delivered in a written form to the following address/es:

    STEMI d.o.o

    Radmile Matejčić 10, 51000 Rijeka

    OIB: 91713184849

    Other provisions

    13. These General Terms and Conditions are written in Croatian and English language version. In the case of any discrepancy between the Croatian and English version of these General Terms and Conditions, the Croatian version shall prevail.